Water Hand Pumps

Make water available, whenever and for whatever scenario may come.

Simple Hand Pumps

Hand pumps come in all shapes and sizes, but none are as well designed, or come near the capacity and quality of Simple Pump™.

Simple Pump Leads the Industry

  • Fits in most wells
  • Pumps water from 325 feet depth
  • Easy effort to achieve high water yield
  • Pressure pumping capacity
  • Holds prime and quickly produces water
  • Freezeproof for Montana winters
  • Individual Well Sizing
  • DIY & Professional Installation Option

How the Simple Pump System Works

Simple Pumps use aerospace quality engineering and precise machined stainless steel to make the best hand pump available today.

Unlike other systems that require priming and mechanisms at or near the top of the well, Simple Pumps lifts water from the bottom upward. At the bottom of the pump system, setting below static water in the well, is a pump cylinder with a piston inside.

At the top of the well, either a manual handle or motor is used to move the center rod that is attached to the piston and cylinder. As the rod moves up and down, a ball valve in the piston seals in a whole column of water and it is easily lifted up. At the same time, water rushes into the pump cylinder from the bottom, ready for the next cycle. This method increases the amount of water, pressure, and capacity outperforming all other hand pumps

Image description: Pump cylinder with a check valve.

Video: High Pressure

Over 70-pounds on a 250+ lift!



The Pump Head, with handle, motor, or assisted hand drive, is the assembly visible above the ground. Here it is shown with the lever-arm handle, mounted on a well cap, on a few inches of well casing.


The Drop Pipe Kits have a 1/16″ diameter weep or drain hole drilled 4-feet down from the top. When the pump is not being used, the weep or drain hole allows the water in the head to bleed out. In cold climates, the water will not freeze. And in hot climates, water does not get heated.

Drop pipe makes up most of the height of the pump system. All the DROP PIPE KITS (these plus top and bottom) carry water from the stainless steel pump cylinder at the bottom to the stainless steel pump head at the top.


The pump cylinder is a 17″-long and made of stainless steel metal. It comes in two sizes.

Most wells, with a static water level higher than 275 feet, a 1.75-inch diameter model is the most common model. For static levels or lifts between 275 -325 feet, a 1.5 inch diameter model is used. 

Components for Simple Hand Pumps

Check out some of our recent installs!


Winterizing the Simple Pump

The Simple Pump is a simple solution to getting water in any situation, even in the coldest of winters. Pumps that do not have a check valve are winter-ready. If the pump has a check valve, it may have a plug on the pressure gauge’s opposite side. This plug can acts like a thumb over the straw, restricting water from flowing out of the weep hole a few feet down the well. This is useful when a person needs to pump a lot of water over a short time. For freezing temperatures, this plug may need to be loosely screwed in a few threads to allow air to flow and the water to drain to a frost-free level. The plug can be removed with a 9/16th end ranch and then put back in up to a few threads for the winter. We put this video together to demonstrate how to prepare the pump for the winter. If you have any questions, give us a call or send us a message.

Customer Reviews

Post Pump & Drilling
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Bud Lavery
Bud Lavery
16:43 01 Dec 21
These folks have integrity and I trust them completely. The difference between a great business and a mediocre one is how they respond when things don't start out right. In... this case, initially, things started out badly. An employee was making it very hard to have our well drilled and this was potentially going to delay the building of our new house. When I contacted John and his wife to complain, he personally looked into the matter, addressed it with the employee, apologized profusely to us, and got to our well drilling job as soon as possible. These folks have a lot of integrity!read more
Darryl Norton
Darryl Norton
03:39 15 Jun 21
Post Pump & Drilling drilled our well ahead of the scheduled date and through the job the drilling rig operator explained just what was goin on including what kind of rock... and other substrates the drill head was going through. He was very knowledgeable about the whole operation as well as the geology of the area and happily answered any questions. When John Post came on site again to help with the final stages of the operation there is another level of knowledge and willingness to explain and or answer questions. We really appreciate The whole Post team and there willingness to get our well drilled.Again thank you for your promptness expertise and hard work.D&Jread more
Tom Brazan
Tom Brazan
14:43 12 Jun 21
Extremely satisfied with the quality of the work performed. Excellent communication from them throughout the process. I was around for both the drilling and the placement... of the pump. No short cuts, delivered on their promises. And they’re nice people too! A great family business.read more
Daniel Willett
Daniel Willett
20:46 24 Apr 21
I was extremely happy with the work that was done for us. Drilled our well and installed all the equipment to my satisfaction. I would recommend these folks to everyone.
t Skippy
t Skippy
00:15 14 Jan 21
I really liked working with Post Drilling. Their knowledge about the ground and how to find water was priceless. We found water right where they said. I have one or two more... wells to drill and I’m genuinely excited to work with them again.read more
West Stout
West Stout
02:43 20 Sep 20
They were a great help and walked us through everything, very important to us since we were new to the area.
Jeff Beck
Jeff Beck
03:48 16 Sep 20
John, Clint and Josh are dedicated to their craft. I live in Haskill Basin which is notorious for fickle and difficult wells. They went beyond and above to get water to my... house. They have integrity and stand by their product. I will use them again and recommend anyone in need of water to use them. They are professional, courteous and fair. 5 starsread more
Ron Brandt
Ron Brandt
13:13 11 Jun 20
Clint and John drilled a well and installed a pump for us. From start to finish they were professional and honest. So much of what goes into to this you can’t see as the... property owner but they explained things in a way that made it easy to trust them and you knew they were doing what was best for your water. Any questions I had along the way were promptly answered even after I paid the bill. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire them again if I ever needed it.read more
Tellular .
Tellular .
00:54 11 Jun 20
Post drilled our well June of 2020, and I couldn’t be happier with them. They’re very responsive, and informative. They spent plenty of time with us before they ever punched... the hole, and we felt very comfortable about the whole thing. We weren’t able to be there when they hit water, but they were very communicative and prompt. They’re very trustworthy, honest, and hard working. I recommend Post 100%.read more
Andy Crites
Andy Crites
00:40 19 May 20
We spoke with several well drillers before we started, and we think we got lucky when we found John and Clint (and Josh) to do our job. They are experienced, very... knowledgable, hard working, honest, and pleasant to work with. (John has great stories). We had a tough project at our site, and these guys never let up; They wouldn't quit until they found us good water. I would highly recommend them.read more
Lori Stoffer
Lori Stoffer
02:44 22 Apr 20
John and the Post Pump & Drilling team are great to work with! They obviously had in mind our success and satisfaction as property owners. They communicated with patience and... gave us options at several points as the drilling progressed. We highly recommend them in Lincoln County - or wherever in northwest Montana they're available to go.read more
Matthew Rhode
Matthew Rhode
21:27 17 Apr 20
Clint and his family did a fantastic job installing a hand pump for our existing well. He also told us a few things to possibly look out for in the future given the age of... our pump. We'll definitely be using them again for the old pump replacement. Thanks for the hard work!read more
Justin Post
Justin Post
15:53 13 Aug 18
I have been very impressed with this company. They are trustworthy, experienced, and great at keeping you updated with their progress. They are upfront with cost and offer... very competitive pricing.read more
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