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Over 30-years of experience. Domestic and commercial wells.

Submersible Pumps

Over 30-years of experience. Domestic – Commercial pump systems.

Solar & Hand Pumps

Solar and hand pumps for times and places where electricity isn’t an option.

Water Well Drilling

Commercial Wells

It takes the right equipment, knowledge, and experience to drill public drinking and subdivision wells. We got it covered. Learn More

Domestic Wells

Water is essential for living. Getting the well right the first time gives you the peace of mind that your well will always support your water needs. Learn More

Farm & Irrigation Wells

Livestock and livelihoods thrive on sufficient water. We always go above and beyond to ensure you get the most out of your wells, now and far into the future. Learn More

Got Sand Problems?

Learn more about Johnson Stainless Steel Sand Screens for your well.

Submersible Pumps

High standards drive our pump work. We get water from a well to your home, commercial office, or public drinking reservoir. We install pumps, from less than a gallon to thousands of gallons per minute. No job is too small or big.


Service Calls

We take a principled approach to service work. Do it right – the first time – every time. We guarantee our work and are completely transparent with the services.

Solar & Hand Pumps

Water in every situation

We specialize in off-grid water pumps. Solar pumps provide water in the most remote places. Hand pumps are the perfect backup to power or pump failure. Our hand pumps can easily pump water over 300 feet.

Customer Reviews

Post Pump & Drilling
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Bud Lavery
Bud Lavery
16:43 01 Dec 21
These folks have integrity and I trust them completely. The difference between a great business and a mediocre one is how they respond when things don't start out right. In... this case, initially, things started out badly. An employee was making it very hard to have our well drilled and this was potentially going to delay the building of our new house. When I contacted John and his wife to complain, he personally looked into the matter, addressed it with the employee, apologized profusely to us, and got to our well drilling job as soon as possible. These folks have a lot of integrity!read more
Darryl Norton
Darryl Norton
03:39 15 Jun 21
Post Pump & Drilling drilled our well ahead of the scheduled date and through the job the drilling rig operator explained just what was goin on including what kind of rock... and other substrates the drill head was going through. He was very knowledgeable about the whole operation as well as the geology of the area and happily answered any questions. When John Post came on site again to help with the final stages of the operation there is another level of knowledge and willingness to explain and or answer questions. We really appreciate The whole Post team and there willingness to get our well drilled.Again thank you for your promptness expertise and hard work.D&Jread more
Tom Brazan
Tom Brazan
14:43 12 Jun 21
Extremely satisfied with the quality of the work performed. Excellent communication from them throughout the process. I was around for both the drilling and the placement... of the pump. No short cuts, delivered on their promises. And they’re nice people too! A great family more
Daniel Willett
Daniel Willett
20:46 24 Apr 21
I was extremely happy with the work that was done for us. Drilled our well and installed all the equipment to my satisfaction. I would recommend these folks to everyone.
t Skippy
t Skippy
00:15 14 Jan 21
I really liked working with Post Drilling. Their knowledge about the ground and how to find water was priceless. We found water right where they said. I have one or two more... wells to drill and I’m genuinely excited to work with them more
West Stout
West Stout
02:43 20 Sep 20
They were a great help and walked us through everything, very important to us since we were new to the area.
Jeff Beck
Jeff Beck
03:48 16 Sep 20
John, Clint and Josh are dedicated to their craft. I live in Haskill Basin which is notorious for fickle and difficult wells. They went beyond and above to get water to my... house. They have integrity and stand by their product. I will use them again and recommend anyone in need of water to use them. They are professional, courteous and fair. 5 starsread more
Ron Brandt
Ron Brandt
13:13 11 Jun 20
Clint and John drilled a well and installed a pump for us. From start to finish they were professional and honest. So much of what goes into to this you can’t see as the... property owner but they explained things in a way that made it easy to trust them and you knew they were doing what was best for your water. Any questions I had along the way were promptly answered even after I paid the bill. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire them again if I ever needed more
Tellular .
Tellular .
00:54 11 Jun 20
Post drilled our well June of 2020, and I couldn’t be happier with them. They’re very responsive, and informative. They spent plenty of time with us before they ever punched... the hole, and we felt very comfortable about the whole thing. We weren’t able to be there when they hit water, but they were very communicative and prompt. They’re very trustworthy, honest, and hard working. I recommend Post more
Andy Crites
Andy Crites
00:40 19 May 20
We spoke with several well drillers before we started, and we think we got lucky when we found John and Clint (and Josh) to do our job. They are experienced, very... knowledgable, hard working, honest, and pleasant to work with. (John has great stories). We had a tough project at our site, and these guys never let up; They wouldn't quit until they found us good water. I would highly recommend more
Lori Stoffer
Lori Stoffer
02:44 22 Apr 20
John and the Post Pump & Drilling team are great to work with! They obviously had in mind our success and satisfaction as property owners. They communicated with patience and... gave us options at several points as the drilling progressed. We highly recommend them in Lincoln County - or wherever in northwest Montana they're available to more
Matthew Rhode
Matthew Rhode
21:27 17 Apr 20
Clint and his family did a fantastic job installing a hand pump for our existing well. He also told us a few things to possibly look out for in the future given the age of... our pump. We'll definitely be using them again for the old pump replacement. Thanks for the hard work!read more
Justin Post
Justin Post
15:53 13 Aug 18
I have been very impressed with this company. They are trustworthy, experienced, and great at keeping you updated with their progress. They are upfront with cost and offer... very competitive more
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FAQ's About Water Wells

How long does it take to drill a well?

Drilling a well can take anywhere from an afternoon to a few weeks, depending on the depth and hardness of the formations. We try to drill about 100-150 feet in a day. When we drill into an acceptable aquifer below the state-required surface seal depth, we complete the well and the well is ready for a pump.

What happens if there is no water within the depth indicated on the estimate?

We strive to maintain transparent, well-informed communication with our customers. At times, in glacier country, an aquifer shown in local well logs is not found. When it happens, we maintain open communication with our customers and together we make an informed decision for moving forward. The most common approach is to review additional well logs and see if the formations match to see if there are indications of aquifers at a lower depth. Drilling deeper is often more cost effective than moving into a new location, but that is determined on a case by case scenario.

What is the size of casing coming out of the ground?

Residential wells typically use a 6-inch steel casing. Other sizes, while uncommon, are 4-inch and 8-inch.

Where is your casing made?

We purchase domestic, made in the USA casing. Domestic casing, in our experience, is more durable, and of higher quality than casing that is sourced outside of the United States.

How close to a drain field or sewer can a well be drilled?

Montana State law requires that a well be no closer than 100-feet from drain fields and sewers. 

Why is my well water discolored?

Groundwater coming out of new wells typically have a discoloration, like a reddish or orange color. The discoloration is caused by sitting water inside the steel casing. The discoloration will go away with time and use. 

We advise people to run a sprinkler until the discoloration clears up. Sometimes it can take up to a year of frequent use for the water to continuously come out clear.

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